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Semi-Trailer Rentals

Rent a 40' Box Semi-Trailer for $90.00/mo Rent a 40' Box Semi-Trailer for $90.00/mo

Abco Rental & Storage, Inc Dock Height Box Trailer Rental

Semi-Trailers Rentals in ME, NH & MA

Box Semi-Trailer Rental

Abco Rental & Storage, Inc. has box trailers for rent, ranging from 40' to 53' with either roll doors or swing doors.

This type of equipment is most useful at a loading dock where it often is used as expanded warehouse space. Or if you prefer, Abco Rental & Storage, Inc. can come back and move the mobile box trailer (loaded) to another part of your yard to free up the dock space.

Abco Rental & Storage, Inc.'s portable, dock-height, mobile storage, trailer rental perfect for businesses that need extra storage.