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Mobile Storage Container Rental in ME, NH & MA

Affordable Mobile Alternative to Self or Mini-Storage Rentals

Commercial & Residential Portable Container Rental


Our ground-level, mobile storage containers come in two lengths: 20' and 40' long with lockable swing doors on one end. You may rent one, or more, for as long as you wish on a monthly basis. We will relocate empty units to another part of the yard or to a new site (e.g. construction job sites) if required.

These steel ocean cargo containers are popular with everyone because they:

  • Mobile Storage Container Rentals are easily accessible for loading and unloading Abco Rental Storage Containers provide a safe, dry area for your retails goods, building materials, furniture, file storage, etc.
  • Mobile Storage Containers remain on your property for as long as needed
  • Portable Storage Containers stay within your control
  • Mobile Storage Container Rentals are more affordable alternatives to Self-Storage or Mini Storage
These mobile storage steel units have swing doors on one end which are lockable. There are ventilated and have hardwood floors.

We can load the your mobile storage unit with the doors facing toward or away from the cab. The truck will back up to the location and the mobile storage unit will slide off the back as the truck pulls forward. For this reason, about 50 feet is required to drop a 20 foot mobile storage container and 100 feet is needed for a 40 foot mobile storage container.

Because of the weight of these mobile storage units, the ground needs to be solid and fairly level (so the doors will swing properly). Prices subject to change.