Mobile Office Trailer 8ft X 20ft Call for Pricing

Mobile Office Trailer Rental 8’ wide x 20’ long double office unit (including tongue)

Standard furniture package includes (1) large plan table; (1) wall-mounted print rack; full-width built-in desk - across front end wall - with two-drawer file cabinet and knee wells for two work stations.

This rugged field office can be custom ordered to meet your specific job requirements. Popular options include custom interior configurations. exterior siding styles and trim colors, and plumbing such as holf-baths, wash basins and showers.

8ft. X 20ft.

20 ft. Mobile Office for Rent

FRAME: Outrigger Frame. Nondetachable Hitch/Single Axle/12 Ply Tires
FLOOR: R-7 Unfaced Insulation. 2x4 Floor Joists/ 5/8"
Plywood Decking T&G
12"x12"xl/S" Vinyl Composition Tile
WALLS: 2x3 @ 16" O/C Exterior Studs 7'-0" High
15'- 5" Open Office Area
R-7 Unfaced Insulation
5/32" Pre-finished Wood Grain Paneling
.019" Aluminum Siding
ROOF / CEILING: Tapered 2x4 Rafter@ 16" O/C. 30 psI LL, R-ll Unfaced Insulation, 1/2" Pre-finished Gypsum Ceiling and 30 Gouge Galvonized Steel Roofing
EXTERIOR DOOR: 36"x8O" Aluminum M/H Type
14"x14" Lite/Keyed Knob Set/Stay Chain
WINDOWS: 46"or 30' x 27" Horizontal Slider. Mill Frome
ELECTRICAL: 120/240 Volt. 1 Phase Panel #14 AWG Romex / Fluorescent Strip Ceiling Lights
Base Board Heat and thru-wall Air Conditioning
Standard Furniture Package
820 Model (8'-O" x 16'-0" Box)